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The Daily File – January 12-17, 2024

Updated: Jan 28

Friday through Wednesday.

The West Bank

The Gaza Strip



Data as of January 17 - The West Bank

Sources: WAFA news agency, OCHA-OPT, Palestine - DCI, Palestinian prisoners' club.


Palestinians killed

‣ Since October 7, 357 Palestinians have been killed, of which 90 are minors (about 25% of the dead are minors);

‣ Since the beginning of 2024 (17 days), 46 Palestinians have been killed, of which 9 are minors (about 20% of the dead are minors, including a 3-year-old girl).

A video documenting the circumstances of the death of 38-year-old Muhammad Al Jundi, a resident of Yatta who passed through an iron gate near Beit Jala on the night of December 28. He was shot and killed. According to the Palestinians, only because he tried to open the iron

Israeli killed

‣ Since October 7, 9 Israelis were killed by Palestinians and another one by an Israeli soldier;

‣ Since the beginning of 2024 (17 days), 2 women were killed - a soldier during a military operation, and a civilian during an attack.


Palestinian wounded

‣ Since October 7, 4,234 Palestinians have been injured, of which 643 are minors;

‣ 53% of those, injured during military raids;

‣ 33% of them by live fire.

Israeli wounded

‣ Since October 7, about 70 Israelis have been injured, of which about 20 are minors.


‣ Since October 7, 6,025 Palestinians have been arrested.

Settler attacks

‣ Since October 7, 431 settler attacks have been recorded, 94 of them ended in casualties;

‣ 9 dead (of which 1 by a settler soldier) and 130 injured (of which 21 by settler soldiers);

‣ 33% of the attacks involved the use or threat of live fire.

Ruins during a raid on the Al Far'a refugee camp

Palestinian displaced persons

‣ Since October 7, 1,208, of which 586 minors, in deportation by settler violence or impossible military restrictions;

‣ 460, including 227 minors, in the demolition of houses in areas C and East Jerusalem;

‣ 95, including 42 minors, in the demolition of houses as a collective punishment;

‣ 602, of which 263 minors, in the demolition of houses during military operations (94% in repeated raids on the Jenin camp and the refugee camps Nur Shams and Tulkarem);

‣ Since the beginning of 2024, 33 Palestinians have been displaced from their homes due to demolitions;

‣ Additional figure: in the last two years, the Civil Administration or the Regional Council in the Jordan Valley imposed 360,000 NIS in fines for the release of confiscated vehicles or sheep. 220,000 NIS of them in the confiscation of livestock;

‣ Recently a shepherd in one of the communities of the Palestinian Jordan Valley was required to pay 49,000 in order to release some of his cows that were confiscated.


Data as of January 17 – The Gaza Strip

Sources: OCHA-OPT, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, the World Health Organization WHO, UNICEF, Haaretz newspaper.

Palestinians killed

‣ 24,448 dead. of which as of January 14 - 10,600 minors;

‣ 8,000 missing;

‣ 152 UNRWA employees;

‣ 337 medical staff members;

‣ 45 civil rescue personnel;

‣ 119 journalists.

Israeli killed

‣ 1,328 Israelis and foreigners killed in the October 7 massacre. 36 of them are minors;

‣ 191 soldiers were killed in the war after October 7;

‣ 11 abductees whose bodies were returned to Israel;

‣ At least 33 abductees whose bodies are still being held in Gaza.



‣ 61,504 injured.


‣ 4,834 were injured in the October 7 massacre;

‣ 1,152 soldiers have been injured so far in the war.


‣ As of January 14, 65,000 tons of bombs were dropped on the strip, which is 352 square kilometers in size;

‣ 60% of the housing units are uninhabitable due to shelling damage;

‣ 374 educational institutions were destroyed;

‣ 150 mosques.

Displaced people


‣ About 2 million displaced people;

‣ 1.4 million of them are concentrated in 154 UNRWA institutions. Most of them are in the south, in the Rafah governorate;

‣ In the evacuee camps - on average 20 people share a tent. The price of a tent is about NIS 3,000.


‣ About 120,000 displaced in the north and the south.

Food and water

‣ 2.2 million residents of Gaza are starving, at levels of 3-5 (5 is the most severe level according to the UN). Detailed data was reported on the previous page;

‣ Of the 3 pipes that carry water to the strip, only one is functioning;

‣ According to UNICEF - a child receives an average of 1.5-2 liters of water per day. The minimum requirement is 15 liters per day. For survival, 3 liters per day are necessary;

‣ On January 15, the CEOs of WFP (UN World Food Programme) and UNICEF issued an urgent call to allow an increase in aid quotas.

Data on the medical teams in Gaza on the 100th day


‣ Only 15 of the 36 hospitals are partially functional. 9 in the south and center. 6 in the north (with very partial functioning and severe lack of equipment);

‣ In the center, 3 hospitals were issued an evacuation order by the Israeli army;

‣ 206% occupancy in the hospitalization wards;

‣ 250% in intensive care units;

‣ Reports of a jaundice outbreak;

‣ Additionally 3,200 new cases of diarrhea in children under 5 every week.

She holds the doll while being evacuated to the hospital


‣ Since January 12th there are no communication or internet services due to severe damage to the infrastructure. The Israeli military targets technical crew members as they repair.


Friday, January 12 - The West Bank


Khaled Ahmed Zabeida, 19 years old, Zeita.


1. Nur Shams refugee camp - east of Tulkarem - a raid that lasted 7 hours. Military force accompanied by bulldozers. Extensive damage to infrastructure: sewage, water, electricity. There is not a street in the camp that has not been damaged by the bulldozers. The residents report that the bulldozers deliberately blocked entrances to the houses. The raid was described as the most destructive in years.

2. Beit Furik - east of Nablus - night raid. Confrontations. Searches of houses while causing damage to their contents. No injuries were reported.

3. Silat al-Harithiya - northwest of Jenin - raid. Confrontations. One wounded by a live shot and two arrested.

4. Wadi al-Joz - East Jerusalem - the number of those permitted to enter the Al-Aqsa compound was limited to 12,000 (compared to 70,000 before October 7). The worshipers spread out in the surrounding neighborhoods. This time too, the worshipers in Wadi al-Joz were attacked with teargas and skunk spray.

Wadi al-Joz

Worshipers were expelled from the Muslim cemetery at Abu al-Rahma. A worshiper in the Ras al-Amoud neighborhood was beaten and arrested.

Ras al-Amoud

5. Arraba - south of Jenin - raid accompanied by a bulldozer. Demolition of a monument to a martyr.

6. Sinjil - northeast of Ramallah - raid on a house, windows were blown out, doors were broken and it was turned into a military position for the second time in 5 days.

7. Ya'bad - southwest of Jenin - raid and house searches. Snipers were positioned on rooftops. Several residents were beaten and some of them were arrested. One of the wounded from the beatings was taken to the hospital, suffering from fractures and bruises.

8. Zeita - north of Tulkarem - raid. 5 soldiers beat a 19 year old, after he was shot in the side of his body. He was denied medical treatment. He was beaten until he died of his wounds. In the autopsy after death - internal bleeding as a result of the shooting and signs of violence on his body.

Settler attacks

1. Qarawat Bani Hassan - northwest of Salfit - settlers broke into the barn and stole 35 sheep.


Friday, January 12 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

151 dead and 248 wounded.

Prof. Sufian Tayeh, an expert in the field of theoretical physics and applied mathematics and the president of the Islamic University in Gaza, was killed with his entire family by shelling

Humanitarian aid

178 aid trucks entered through the Rafah crossing and the Kerem Shalom crossing. For the first time after two weeks, a WHO (World Health Organization) delegation managed to reach Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. It delivered 9,300 liters of fuel, medical equipment to treat 1,000 trauma victims and 100 in need of dialysis. The hospital is partially operating, with 60 staff members.

Water... a rare commodity

Northern strip

1. Gaza City - shelling near the Al Shuhada Mosque in the south of the city. 3 dead.

2. Jabalia - 28 wounded and their companions were rescued from Shifa Hospital and transferred to the south.

Central strip

Operating room in a hospital in Deir al-Balah. No electricity due to lack of fuel

1. Deir al-Balah - aerial bombardment of a residential building. 14 dead. Another shelling later, 6 more dead.

Nagham Abu Samra - Palestinian karate champion, died of her wounds during her evacuation from the Gaza Strip to Egypt. She was injured in the shelling of her family's home in Al Nuseirat

2. Massive shelling of Nuseirat camp, Al-Maghazi, Al Bureij camp and Al Zawayda - it is not clear how many were injured.

Southern strip

1. Khan Yunis - 32 bodies arrived at Al Nasser Hospital in massive shelling of the city.

2. Rafah - shelling of a building where displaced persons were staying. 12 dead, including 7 children.

Rafah. Killed by shelling near the crossing

3. Shelling of Bani Suheila. It is not clear how many were injured.


Saturday, January 13 - The West Bank


1. Ismail Abu Jahisha, 19 years old.

2. Mahmoud Abu Jahisha, 15 years old, Idhna.

3. Udai Abu Jahisha, 16 years old, Idhna.


56 detainees including 5 minors and 2 women.


1. Al Far'a refugee camp - south of Tubas - raid on the camp. During this time, ambulances were delayed and treatment of the wounded was prevented. Raid on houses. Snipers were positioned on rooftops. A bulldozer began to destroy roads and entrances to houses. 7 injured.

2. Arrabah - Raid. Shooting at a vehicle. They beat the driver and denied him medical treatment. Confrontations. 3 injured.

3. Jenin - Raid. Confrontations. A bulldozer began the demolition. The raid expanded to Al Amal Hospital. Ambulance delayed. Confrontations.

4. Al Jwaya - Masafer Yatta - soldiers are driving shepherds away, and firing teargas at them. Suffocation injuries.

5. Husan - west of Bethlehem - clashes with a military force that invaded the Al Matina area. Suffocation injuries.

6. Kafr Qud - southwest of Jenin - raid. They shot a resident and arrested him.

Palestinian attacks

1. Tarqumiyah - west of Hebron. Near the settlement of Adora, which sits on the lands of Tarqumiyah, shooting at a military force that was patrolling the settlement. A soldier was slightly injured. Forces were deployed in the area to check incursion. During the searches, they shot and killed 3 Palestinians who tried to cross the settlement fence. After several hours, forces raided the mourning pavilion of the Palestinian killed in Idhna, broke furniture, fired teargas and rubber bullets. Suffocation injuries were reported. All entrances to the town were blocked. Arrests were made and 30 vehicles were confiscated.

Settler attacks

1. Khallet ad-Daba'a - Masafer Yatta - settlers in military uniform shot at a shepherd, After that they took him in a civilian ATV to Mitzpe Yair.

Khallet ad-Daba'a (photo courtesy of Outside the Herd)

2. Taybeh junction - east of Nablus - a settler throws stones at the village houses while grazing on their lands.


Saturday, January 13 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

135 killed, 312 wounded.

2.5-year-old Merah Atwa. was killed with several members of her family

Humanitarian aid

108 trucks entered through the Rafah crossing and the Kerem Shalom crossing.

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City - Al Daraj neighborhood - aerial bombardment. 20 dead. Another shelling in another location - 4 dead and 20 missing (buried under the rubble).

Central strip

1. Deir al-Balah - shelling in the hospital area, and on the UNRWA warehouses on Salah a Din Street. It is not clear how many were injured.

Neonatal intensive care. No electricity. Deir al-Balah Hospital

2. Nuseirat refugee camp - aerial bombardment in the north of the camp. Many are trapped under the rubble.

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - massive shelling on the south of the city. It is not clear how many were killed. Shelling on agricultural areas - 3 dead.

2. Rafah - shelling of a house. 12 dead.

Another episode in the framework of Conquerors and Enjoyers

And another one...


Sunday, January 14 - The West Bank


1. Louie Al S'ofi, 14 years old from Jordan. He was shot and killed in the Ein Sultan refugee camp.

2. Ahmed Musa Jabarin, Sa'ir.

3. Jalal Issa Jabarin, Sa'ir.

4. Suleiman Kanao, 17, Hizma.

5. Khaled Amar Hamidat, 16 years old, from Jalazone refugee camp.


48 arrested.


1. Ein Sultan refugee camp - northwest of Jericho - raid and shooting at residents. The victim, a 14-year-old minor, arrived the day before from Jordan for his sister's wedding. He was shot in the chest.

2. Deir Sammit - west of Hebron - raid. Confrontations. Wounded by live gunfire.

3. Sa'ir - northeast of Hebron - shooting at a Palestinian vehicle. Two passengers were killed. Their bodies were then handed over to the Red Crescent. A weapon was found in the vehicle. Suspected to have been set to fire at the Meitsad settlements and the Poper farm.

4. Idhna - west of Hebron - raid and shooting at a house. No injuries were reported.

5. Al-Bireh - shooting at 2 Palestinian minors near the Jalazone refugee camp and the entrance to the city. 2 dead. The body of one of them was taken.

6. Azzun - east of Qalqilya - raid on the high school. Searches. Destruction of contents. Confiscation of security cameras.

7. Surif - northwest of Hebron - raid. Beat up one of the residents. He was transferred to medical treatment with broken limbs.

8. Ya'bad - southwest of Jenin - raid. clashes. Suffocation injuries.


1. The Old City of Jerusalem - 200 evacuation and demolition orders were issued for houses and commercial buildings.

2. Duma - southeast of Nablus - construction stop order for a residential house.

3. Furush Beit Dajan - east of Nablus - demolition order for caravans and orders to stop construction for residential houses.


1. Burin - south of Nablus - armed settlers attack houses on the outskirts of the village and set fire to vehicles.


Sunday, January 14 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

125 killed, 265 wounded. An Israeli soldier was killed.

Humanitarian aid

The UN reports that only 7 out of 20 aid missions were carried out - postponements and delays by the military, which directed them to blocked routes, active warfare zones.

Northern Strip

1. Zeitoun neighborhood - massive shelling. 5 dead and 10 wounded.

2. Al Daraj neighborhood - 50 bodies were removed from the ruins, after shelling that lasted for several days.

Shooting at people who were waiting in line for food distribution

Central Strip

1. Deir al-Balah - shelling of a house. 3 dead.

2. Al-Maghazi camp - aerial bombardment. 10 dead.

3. Shelling on the Nuseirat refugee camp (in the northern part of the camp) It is not clear how many were injured.

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - shelling of the east of the city - 30 dead. Shelling of a vehicle with technicians inside, on their way to repair the internet infrastructure (collapsed since January 12). 2 of its passengers were killed.

2. Rafah - shelling of a displaced persons compound - 23 dead.


Monday, January 15 - The West Bank

Israeli killed

1. Edna Bluestein, 79 years old, Ra'anana.

Palestinians killed

1. Hassan Ibrahim Sabaa, 22 years old, Dura.

2. Ahad Mahmoud Muhammad, 23 years old.

3. Fars Khalifa, 37 years old, Nur Shams refugee camp.


51 arrests.

During a raid on Beit Rima, soldiers count cash. Recently there have been many complaints about the theft of laptops, jewelry and cash in soldier raids


1. Qalqilya - forces accompanied by 3 bulldozers raid the city from several directions, destroying 2 houses. They raid another house and destroy its contents. Confrontations. Moderately wounded by live fire.

2. Bethlehem - a raid on the city and Dheisheh refugee camp, in the south. Raiding houses and destroying their contents. Clashes broke out in the camp. Firing teargas and stun grenades. No casualties.

3. Jabel Mukaber - Southeast Jerusalem - raid on the family home of Ahmed Aliyan, who stabbed and wounded two security guards at the Tunnel checkpoint on December 28, before being shot to death. The forces shut down water supply.

Dura. A photojournalist is among the injured

4. Dura - south of Hebron - raid and clashes. 10 injured, one of them a photojournalist. 2 dead - a young man was shot in the heart, and a girl was shot in the head while hanging laundry on the roof of her house.

During the raid, soldiers were documented as using a Palestinian as a human shield, and in another when they killed one of the wounded and prevented an ambulance from approaching.

A Palestinian as a human shield in Dura

5. Beit Liqya - west of Ramallah - clashes. Wounded by live gunfire.

6. Husan - west of Bethlehem - raid. Confrontations. Suffocation injuries.Multiple raids on the village, recently.

7. Enab checkpoint - east of Qalqilya - shooting at a resident of the Nur Shams refugee camp. A former prisoner and a person of interest. They let him bleed. Ambulances are prevented from approaching until he dies.

8. Beit Furik - east of Nablus - 20 years old was shot in the stomach while working in the village lands.

9. Beita - south of Nablus - at the checkpoint at the entrance to the town (since October 7) a resident was beaten and injured. He was transferred to the hospital.

10. Qaffin - north of Tulkarem - raid with massive shooting in all directions - 2 wounded, one of them in critical condition.

11. Nablus - raid on El Mahfia neighborhood, wounded 4: 15 years old (in the head), 71 years old (in the stomach), 9 years old (shrapnel in the head) and 27 years old (in the back). Then a raid on the An Najah University campus and arrest of 25 students. 2 security personnel were also arrested after being beaten.

12. Ramallah - Arrest of a resident after he was beaten.

13. Ein Sultan refugee camp - northwest of Jericho - a few hours after the previous raid in which a 14-year-old boy was killed, another raid accompanied by a bulldozer. Confrontations. No injuries were reported.

14. Qalandia checkpoint - north of Jerusalem - 28-year-old wounded by a live gunshot to his stomach.

15. Anbata - east of Tulkarem - raid and firing of teargas. No casualties.

Palestinian attacks

Ra'anana - Two illegal residents stole vehicles and took separate routes to run over and stab. One on ha-Kharoshet Street (the industrial zone of the city) and the other on Akhuza Street, until they were shot and arrested. One woman was killed (the driver of one of the stolen vehicles who was stabbed) and 17 injured, most of them minors. The two, residents of Bani Na'im east of Hebron, worked at a car wash in the city.


1. Jalamah - northeast of Jenin - demolition of a greenhouse and 2 dunams of cucumber seedlings.

Settler attacks

1. Huwara - only recently some of the shop owners on the main street were allowed to open (they were forced to close since October 7). Settlers threw stones at vehicles in the Suleiman al Farsi square area.

2. Khalet al-Maiyya - Masafer Yatta - settlers in military uniform attacked the school and broke windows.

3. Shi’b Al Butm - Masafer Yatta - settlers from Mitzpe Yair and Susia - grazed their sheep on the land of the Jabarin family and destroyed seedlings.

4. Deir Sharaf - west of Nablus - settlers threw stones at vehicles and blocked the main road.

5. El-Rashaida - east of Bethlehem - settlers took over caves that were previously inhabited by expelled Palestinians.


Monday, January 15 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

132 killed, 252 wounded.

Hamas released a video of 3 of the abductees: Noa Argamani, Yossi Sharabi and Itai Svirsky, and then in another video they forced Noa to report the death of Itai and Yossi.

Moaz al Hajj on his way to evacuate to Egypt

Northern Strip

1. Zeitoun - shelling. 6 dead. 15 injured.

2. Al Sabra neighborhood - a whole family is buried under the ruins of the house, after the shelling.

Central strip

1. Al Bureij and Al-Maghazi - shelling. 33 dead.

Conquerors and jubilant


Tuesday, January 16 - The West Bank


At least 35 detainees, including 3 minors.


1. Askar refugee camp - east of Nablus - raid on the camp while shooting and accompanied by a bulldozer that began destroying the streets. Confrontations. 2 injured: one from live shots and the other from beatings. Also, houses were raided. One arrest.

2. Beit Furik - east of Nablus - continuation of the raid that started the night before. Clashes. No casualties.

3. Ein Sultan refugee camp - northwest of Jericho. A raid that started the night before. During this time they besieged a house and threatened that if a wanted person did not turn himself in, they would blow up the house. During the raid, two were injured by live shots and are in moderate condition.

4. Marah Rabah - south of Bethlehem - raid and burglary of several houses. During the raid, they positioned themselves in the area of the school and kindergartens while shooting. The school staff delayed the children in order to protect them. The iron gate at the main entrance has been closed since October 7.

5. Teqoa - southeast of Bethlehem - a Magav (Border Patrol) vehicle chased a Palestinian vehicle, collided with it. The driver was arrested.

6. Husan - west of Bethlehem - another raid. live shooting, teargas and stun grenades. They fired teargas, among other things, at a human rights center, and injured workers. Suffocation injuries.

7. Battir - west of Bethlehem - raid on a high school in order to remove the Palestinian flag from the school yard.

8. Anata - Northeast Jerusalem - raid and clashes during which live shots were fired. Injured from the shooting and suffocation injuries.

9. A Ram - north of Jerusalem - clashes but no reports of casualties. Blocking the main entrance to the town.

10. Asira ash-Shamaliya - south of Nablus - clashes. Wounded by live gunfire.

11. Madama - south of Nablus - clashes. Wounded by live gunfire.

Demolitions and confiscations

1. Idhna - west of Hebron - demolition of 7 barracks. Some were used as a scrap yard. Confiscation of 3 trucks and a trailer. as well as private vehicles.

2. Ein Al Hilwa - 80 cows were confiscated from a resident of one of the communities a week ago. Initially he was required to pay 49,000 NIS for the release of 19 cows. Now he is required to pay 144,000 NIS for the release of 48 of his cows.

Settler attacks

1. Turmus Aya - North-East of Ramallah - settlers attacked a house on the outskirts of the town during the night . Threw stones. They vandalized solar panels and cars and tried to set a hose on fire.

2. Deir Sharaf - west of Nablus - settlers raided a nursery during the night, vandalized trees. They set fire to 2 excavators, a truck and a forklift.

3. Sinjil - northeast of Ramallah - armed settlers vandalized vehicles in the town and blew out windows.

4. Wadi al-Harmia - north of Ramallah - settlers throw stones at vehicles.

5. Shi’b Al Butm and al Rakeez - Masafer Yatta - settlers started paving a new road (5 km) that will connect Abigail to Mitzpe Yair and pass through Palestinian lands.

6. Qarawat Bani Hassan - west of Salfit - settlers grazed their sheep on the town's land and damaged seedlings. The soldiers shot live fire at Palestinians who tried to expel them.

7. Tekoa - southeast of Bethlehem - settlers placed a trailer east of the town.


Tuesday, January 16 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

132 killed and 252 wounded.

Northern Strip

1. Gaza city - night and morning of intense shelling. Tel El Hawa - 2 dead. Al Sabra neighborhood - 20 dead. Zeitoun 11 dead. South of the city - 11 dead. North of the city - 1.

2. Jabalia - shelling of a house. 4 dead including a child.

3. Beit Hanun - aerial bombardment.

Central strip

1. Al Bureij refugee camp - 7 dead.

2. Al-Maghazi refugee camp - 20 dead.

3. Al Khaburah neighborhood - 8 dead including 2 girls.

Southern Strip

1. Rafah - North of the city - 11 dead, members of 2 families, most of them women and children.

Khan Yunis. East of the city

2. Khan Yunis - was the focus of intense shelling - shelling near the Civilian Rescue Headquarters - 8 dead including fire and rescue personnel. Another shelling in the Al Nasser Hospital area - 7 dead. Al Amal Hospital was shelled and the building was heavily damaged. To the east of the city - a block with 12 apartment buildings was destroyed by shelling. 23 dead. But many are buried under the rubble.


Wednesday, January 17 - The West Bank


1. Ahmed Naaman Faraj, 18 years old, Tulkarem refugee camp.

2. Ahmed Moin Div Mahdawai, 36 years old, Tulkarem refugee camp.

3. Ahmed Musa Badu, 17 years old, Tulkarem refugee camp.

4. Ashraf Ahmed Yassin, 22 years old, Tulkarem refugee camp.

5. Walid Muhammad Hanam, 17 years old, Tulkarem refugee camp.

6. Muhammad Al Katawi, Balata refugee camp.

7. Sif al-Najmi, Balata refugee camp.

8. Yazen al-Najmi, Balata refugee camp.

9. Abdullah Abu Shalal, Balata refugee camp.

10. Mahmoud Abu Hamdan, Balata refugee camp.


85 arrested.


1. Balata refugee camp - east of Nablus - raid on the camp early in the morning. Clashes and shooting that started at the southern entrance. Snipers from a military post on Mount Gerizim fired on the streets. At the same time, a drone shelled a vehicle outside the camp, killing all its occupants – 5 persons. The burning vehicle was surrounded by military jeeps, and ambulances were not allowed access. They opened fire at the Red Crescent teams. The soldiers took 2 bodies and buried the rest of the bodies and the vehicle under a mound of dirt. According to the army, they were a squad on their way to an attack. Among the dead one was wanted by the army.

2. Tulkarem refugee camp - Tulkarem city - raid on the camp in the early hours of the morning. They surrounded the camp and placed snipers on the rooftops. They also attacked the government hospital and the ambulance dispatch center in the southern neighborhood.

Bulldozers began to destroy the northern entrance to the camp and nearby streets. They destroyed infrastructure, vehicles, walls, entrances to houses,shops, and a monument. Dozens of houses were turned into military posts and the residents were driven out. They blew up a house in the El Anam neighborhood. A woman was fatally injured in her head by shrapnel. A massive campaign of arrests began. At the same time, a drone shelled a group of Palestinians, killing 4. It is not clear how many were injured. Ambulance crews were attacked and shot at. 2 paramedics were injured. 5 were detained. In another incident, the military shot at a vehicle and killed the driver, and wounded his 13-year-old brother.

In addition, the soldiers attacked a Palestinian television crew during a live broadcast, beat the reporter with rifle butts and kicks. His cell phone was confiscated. They harassed a journalist, threatened her and confiscated her cell phone. They threatened to shoot the members of the broadcasting team and even shot at one of their vehicles. The raid continued even during the folowing day. A total of 5 dead. It is not known how many were injured. Much damage to property.

3. Beit Ummar - north of Hebron - raid on houses and a bakery. Confiscation of a bakery’s commercial vehicle. Demolition of a monument to Yasser Arafat.

4. Ein Sultan refugee camp - north of Jericho - raid and arrest of 3. One of them was shot in the back and his condition is unknown.

5. Qabalan - southeast of Nablus - raid on the town while firing live fire and teargas. Suffocation injuries.

6. Bani Na'im - east of Hebron - raid on the town. A 20-year-old was wounded by live fire. They settled in the center of the town and that's where clashes started. Suffocation injuries.

7. Husan - west of Bethlehem - another raid while firing live fire, stun grenades and teargas. Car windows were smashed. The entrances were blocked.

8. Al-Bireh - raid on the city. A teacher (woman) was arrested.


1. Jayus - east of Qalqilya - demolition of a greenhouse.

Settler attacks

1. Maghayir al 'Abeed - Masafer Yatta - settlers from a Ma'on farm raided a house. A 75-year-old woman was beaten. 3 of her children were arrested. They stole 3 sheep.

2. Einabus - south of Nablus - 16 years old was rushed to the hospital after being beaten by settlers in an attack on the village.

3. Mu'arrajat - northwest of Jericho - settlers and soldiers raided the school, checked the teachers' ID cards and threatened them. In nearby Auja they raided the school to take down a Palestinian flag.

4. Shi’b Al Butm - Masafer Yatta - settlers from Abigail, under military escort, attacked farmers and shepherds and denied them access to their lands. They threatened to kill them. One of the shepherds was taken to the hospital suffering from bruises all over his body.


Wednesday, January 17 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

163 Palestinians dead, 350 wounded. 3 Israeli soldiers were killed.

Humanitarian aid

225 aid trucks entered through the passages.

Northern Strip

1. Al Daraj neighborhood - 25 bodies were recovered from the ruins after an aerial bombardment.

2. Jabalia refugee camp - shelling on the eastern side - 4 dead including a child.

Southern Strip

1. Rafah - A mother and her son were killed by shelling on a group of people.

2. Khan Yunis - massive attack on the shelters zone. Demolition of the cemetery and desecration of graves, as well as ground warfare.

Attack on the Jordanian military field hospital. Injuries among staff members and hospitalized. The number of dead in each of the incidents is unknown and there are reports of communication breakdowns with the rescue teams in the field.


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