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The Daily File - December 7-10, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Thursday through Sunday.

The Gaza Strip

The West Bank


On the Gaza Strip October 7th – December 10th

Taken from reports of the Palestinian Health Ministry (controlled by Hamas, partially due to the collapse of the health system and essential difficulties in gathering data due to prolonged fighting). Data on Israel rely on reports of the Israeli Health Ministry, the IDF spokesperson, and Haaretz daily newspaper. It must be noted that the military spokesperson withholds information regarding wounded soldiers in the ground invasion and these are partial.

UNRWA school at Jabalia, a shelter to many – bombed


‣ Over 1,200 Israelis killed on October 7th, 1,162 of them identified, 36 among them minors. 859 of the persons killed were civilians.

‣ Since the beginning of the ground invasion, 98 Israeli soldiers have been killed.

‣ Since October 7th, 17,997 Palestinians have been killed, 5,135 of them women and 7,729 minors (totaling 70% of persons killed); 1,550 Palestinian families with “numerous members killed”; 7,780 Palestinians still missing, probably buried under the rubble.


‣ According to official data, 10,584 Israeli civilians and soldiers have been wounded since October 7th. No mention of how many soldiers have been wounded since war broke out, since the military spokesperson does not allow hospitals to publicize their data. According to him, 1,593 soldiers have been wounded since October 7th, 559 of them since the ground invasion began.

‣ Since October 7th, 17,997 Palestinians have been wounded in the Gaza Strip – a steep increase since December 1st. Greater numbers are estimated since hospitals are unable to take in the wounded or register them.

Dayr Al Balah

Refugees and Demolitions

‣ Since October 7th, 1.9 million Palestinians have been forced to evacuate their Gazan homes.

‣ Over 56,000 homes have been totally demolished.

‣ Over 224,000 homes have been partially demolished. Namely, 85% of the Gaza Strip population are refugees, over 60% of the homes are unfit for human habitation. Here, too, data is partial since many areas are not monitored due to active fighting.

‣ Since October 7th, 200,000 Israelis have been evacuated. I have no precise data on the range of destruction either in the south or north of Israel.

Water and food

‣ In the northern part of the Gaza Strip (north of Wadi Gaza) – no access to clean water. In the Strip’s central and southern parts, water supply is minimal, 1,100 cub.m. per hour. Food is distributed only in the southern part. The north and center are not accessible to aid truck traffic. In Rafah 8 tin cans per family per week are allocated.


Data on the West Bank - October 7th – December 10th

Taken from reports of the Palestinian Authority’s Health Ministry

Khalat A-Dab’a, Masafer Yatta after an attack of soldiers and colonists combined (reported later), taken by Masafer Yatta activists (Outside the Flock)


‣ Since October 7th, 265 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank, 69 among them minors. 8 were killed by colonists. 2 by colonists/soldiers. Over 50% killed in events devoid of gunfire exchange.

‣ Since October 7th, 8 Israelis were killed during terrorist attacks. 3 of them soldiers. 1 killed by a soldier’s gunfire.


‣ Since October 7th, 3,431 Palestinians have been wounded, 535 of them minors. 45% in demonstrations. 46% in arrest operations. Over 33% wounded by live fire (compared to 9% prior to October 7th). Furthermore – 84 Palestinians wounded by colonists, 18 by colonists/soldiers.

Colonist attacks

‣ 331 cases reported (decrease since the end of the olive harvest season)

‣ 80 attacks ended with casualties.

‣ In over 33% of the attacks, gunfire was involved (threats or actual shots).


‣ 1,026 Palestinians, 396 of them minors, have been expelled due to colonist violence and ever-stricter military restrictions.

‣ 338 Palestinians, 182 of them minors, lost their homes to demolitions in Area C and East Jerusalem (an increase of 27% in the pace of demolitions since October 7th)

‣ 68 Palestinians, 34 among them minors, lost their homes in collective punitive demolitions.

‣ 269 Palestinians, 121 among them minors, lost their homes during military operations. 61% of them in the Jenin refugee camp, 29% in the refugee camps of Nur Shams (east of Tulkarem) and Tulkarem (camp inside the city).


Thursday, December 7 - the Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

From December 8th at noon until December 7th at noon: 350 killed, 1,900 wounded.

Humanitarian aid

‣ 69 trucks passed through the Rafah Crossing (prior to October 7th, an average of 500 trucks a day).

Main events

Northern part of the Strip:

Damaged hospital in the Jabalia refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip

‣ Beit Lahia – in a school sheltering thousands, mass arrests of all men over 15. They were stripped, violently questioned. About 85% were released after being photographed, the media reported that all were Hamas activists who surrendered. Food shortage reported for about 10 days.

‣ Bombing of the Al Daraj neighborhood in Gaza City. 30 persons killed.

‣ Bombing of the Al Zeitun, Shuja'ia in the western part of Gaza City.

‣ Bombing of Al Rimal neighborhood in the eastern part of Gaza City, 35 persons killed.

‣ Aerial bombing of the Old City of Gaza. Numerous persons killed. Number unclear. Ambulances have no access.

Central part of the Strip (south of Wadi Gaza):

‣ Dayr Al Balah bombed. 18 killed, 20 wounded.

Southern part of the Strip:

‣ Central Khan Yunis bombed.

‣ South of Khan Yunis, Khuza'a, Abasan and Al Qarara bombed.

‣ Destruction of an ancient mosque dating from the 13th century.


Thursday, December 7 - the West Bank


1. Awad Mohammad Ambar, 47-years-old from Tulkarem refugee camp. Critically wounded in clashes in the camp on November 14th and died of his wounds. He is the 7th casualty in the camp since October 7th.


About 44 persons arrested.


1. Tulkarem – a little past midnight, raid of a motorized military force with bulldozers from the west towards the Tulkarem refugee camp and from the east to Nur Shams refugee camp. Siege on the city’s hospital. The two camps were surrounded. Confrontations. No casualties reported. Arrests. Damage to infrastructure of both camps, including electricity net and heavy damages to electric supply.

2. Ramallah – raid on a newspaper editorial building and publishing house in the city center. Both sealed. Confrontations. No casualties reported.

3. Nablus – raid the Old City by special forces and then auxiliary forces. 3 persons arrested. 4 wounded. 2 by live fire, 2 by shrapnel.

4. Qaffin, north of Tulkarem – raid, confrontations. 4 persons wounded by live fire, many suffocated by teargas.

5. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem – raid and confrontations. 2 persons wounded by live fire.

6. Huwara, south of Nablus – raid on the town center, a Palestinian beaten up, hospitalized.

7. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron – raid on the building of the Orphan Welfare Association, files and computers confiscated. Equipment vandalized. Sealed. The association serves 200 orphans, their building constitutes a school house for 470 pupils.

8. Jab’a, north-east of Jerusalem – 501 dunams confiscated and declared state land, serving a territorial continuity between the Adam and Gena Binyamin colonies and their expansion.

Colonist attacks

1. Wadi Rahel, south of Bethlehem – 12 dunams of land sequestered, (added to 300 sequestered a week ago) and the planting of a wood.

2. East Jerusalem – the Maccabee March. Provocation by right-wing organizations calling for the ousting of the Muslim Waqf from Al Aqsa Mosque. Accompanied by racist slogans.


Friday, December 8 - the Gaza Strip


Between Thursday October 7th at noon and Friday, December 8th at noon – 310 persons reported killed.

ahim Hasnin, his wife Muna and their five daughters: Jiman, Marya, Ya’aman, Bisan and Yafa, killed in the bombing

Main Events

In the northern part of the Strip:

‣ Bombings in the neighborhoods of Al Tufah and Al Shuja'ia in eastern Gaza City, and Sheikh Radwan in the city center.

‣ Bombing in Beit Lahia, impacting refugee shelter. Fire breaks out there.

‣ Fighting in Jabalia refugee camp, including tanks and gunfire on the streets.

Israeli soldier in Jabalia

In the central part of the Strip:

‣ Massive bombing of Al Nuseirat refugee camp. 36 persons killed.

‣ Bombing of Dayr Al Balah – impacting mosque and hospital.

In the southern part of the Strip:

‣ Bombing Khan Yunis, mainly in Bani Suheila, Sheikh Nasser and Abasan – eastern parts of the district. Bombing Al Amal neighborhood in the western part of Khan Yunis – 13 persons killed.

‣ Rafah – bombed from the sea near the shoreline – 5 persons killed.


Friday, December 8 - the West Bank


1. Baraa Alamur, 30-years-old from Al Far’a refugee camp.

2. Amar Basem Sabah, 23-years-old from Al Far’a refugee camp.

3. Emad Nihad Jawadra, 18-years-old from Al Far’a refugee camp.

4. Maher Abdallah Jawara, 14-years-old from Al Far’a refugee camp.

5. Thair Abdallah Shahin, 36-years-old from Al Far’a refugee camp.

6. Qasem Abu Khizran, 33-years-old from Al Far’a refugee camp.


37 persons arrested.

Arrest at Ras Karkar


1. Ramallah – dawn raid on Manarah Square at city center, searches in several houses. Confrontations, suffocations.

2. Al Fawar refugee camp, south of Hebron – raid from several directions. Confrontations. One person wounded by live fire in the belly. The army delayed a summoned ambulance.

3. Al Fara’a refugee camp, south of Tubas - undercover agents penetrated the camp at dawn, later auxiliary forces including snipers. Harsh confrontations. 6 persons killed, including a 14-year-old minor. 6 persons wounded, one of them severely. 2 arrestees.

4. Hizma, north-east of Jerusalem – raid on a mosque, confrontations at close of prayers. 2 persons wounded by live fire, another 2 by shrapnel in the eye and belly. Numerous suffocations.

5. Kafr Ni'ma, west of Ramallah – raid and confrontations. 2 persons wounded by live fire.

6. Qalqilya – Palestinian shot and wounded close to the Separation Wall.

7. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron – as at every funeral procession, the Israeli army attacks, trying to force people taking the bypass route to the cemetery situated on the main road. A 16-year-old wounded moderately-severely by live fire. Suffocations.

8. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem – raid of the antiquities area. Confrontations. One person wounded in the back by a teargas canister. Suffocations.

9. Al Aqsa Mosque – this week too (for the ninth time) people are denied entry to the compound (save for a few elderly). Movement restriction of people praying at the gates of the Old City and Wadi Joz (where they pray in the street instead of at the Al Aqsa Mosque). Several attacks on people praying were reported in Wadi Joz.

Attacks against the army

Ya’bad, south-west of Jenin – gunfire at soldiers from a passing car. A soldier wounded. Searches in the area.

Colonist attacks

1. Khalat A-Dab’a, Masafer Yatta – Raid by about 50 soldiers/colonists in army uniforms (some recognized as Havat Maon colonists) at dawn. Entered homes, confiscated cell phones, vandalized belongings, of school as well, stole money and work tools. Threated, beaten up – 3 persons wounded. After about 3 hours they left, kidnapping the head of A-Tawane local council who just arrived to see what was going on. When activists called the police, they were told this was a military force and the police does not intervene.


Saturday, December 9 - the Gaza Strip


From December 8th at noon until December 9th at noon, at least 200 Palestinians were killed. Numbers are inaccurate since there is no ambulance access, bodies not extricable.

Main events

In the northern part of the Strip:

‣ After being attacked and delayed, a delegation of the Red Crescent managed to arrive at Al Ahali Hospital in Gaza City and brought medical equipment. 19 patients in critical condition were taken out. This was the first delegation to come since December 1st. Since October 7th, 286 members of medical teams have been killed and 57 ambulances destroyed.

‣ Bombings in various parts of Gaza City: Al Rimal neighborhood – 8 persons killed (brothers), in Al Sabra neighborhood – 4 persons killed, in Al Zeitun neighborhood – 15 persons killed, in Al Daraj neighborhood – 20 persons killed; in Shuja'ia – 12 persons killed.

Journalist Ula Atallah killed along with her family members at Al Daraj neighborhood of Gaza

‣ Jabalia refugee camp – 39 persons killed in an aerial bombing of a 6-storey residential building. Furthermore, 2 paramedics killed in Jabalia hospital, under siege since December 5th.

Bombing of evacuee tents in Jabalia

In the central part of the Strip:

‣ Al Nuseirat refugee camp – a bombing killing 9 persons.

‣ Al Bureij refugee camp – a combing killing 7 persons including children.

‣ Dayr Al Balah – 10 killed.

In the southern part of the Strip:

Bombings continued on Khan Yunis city and western Rafah. At Khan Yunis, a direct hit of a residential building – 10 persons killed and many buried under the rubble. 20 persons wounded. Another bombing in town killing 6 persons. Al Nasser Hospital and the Jordanian Hospital bombed, equipment damaged.

The evacuees camp in Rafah


Saturday, December 9 - the West Bank


1. Sari Yusef Amro, 25-years-old from Dura.

2. Rami Jamal Al Jendab, 25-years-old from Al Far’a – wounded during raid, died of his wounds today. The 7th person killed in that raid.

3. Mahmud Abu Hania, 17-years-old from Azzun.

The moment Rami Al Jendab (Alabushi) was shot at Al Far’a refugee camp, including confirmation of killing. Critically wounded, died the next day.


33 persons arrested.


1. Dura, south of Hebron – raid on the town. Soldiers entered home and shot a 25-years-old Palestinian, denied him medical treatment and arrested him along with his 23-years-old brother. Later he died of his wounds. 2 vehicles of the family were confiscated, and contents of home vandalized.

2. Azzun, east of Qalqilya – raid and confrontations. 17-year-old critically wounded, later died of his wounds.

3. Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, south of Jericho – raid in which a minor freed in the recent exchange deals was arrested. He was beat up during the night and then freed. Confrontations in the camp, no casualties reported.

4. Marah Dabah, south of Bethlehem – village raided, villagers attacked, property vandalized, including 20 vehicles.

5. Mazra’at al Gharbiya, north-west of Ramallah – dawn raid resulting in confrontations. No casualties reported.

6. Budrus, west of Ramallah – raid and confrontations. No casualties reported.

Colonist attacks

1. Al-Lubban ash-Sharqiya, south of Nablus – colonists throw stones at Palestinian cars.

2. Mughayyir, north-east of Ramallah – according to activist report, no olive harvest due to military restrictions and colonist attacks. They stole the olives already harvested.


Sunday, December 10 - the Gaza Strip


‣ From December 9th at noon to December 10th at noon – 207 persons killed

‣ Until December 11th at noon, another 208 killed

Many buried under the rubble, data rely only on the number of bodies extracted.

Humanitarian aid

‣ At Rafah Crossing, 100 truck entered, and 25 persons wounded as well as 468 holders of multiple citizenships exited. Since October 7th, 430 persons wounded have been transferred to Egypt. This is an estimated 1% of those defined in critical condition requiring emergency evacuation.

‣ Only in Rafah (no count elsewhere), 9,000 warm meals have been distributed to refugees.


‣ Of 36 hospitals in the Gaza Strip, only 13 function (partially); 206%occupancy in overnight wards, and 250% occupancy in intensive care units. Furthermore, hospitals are sheltering tens of thousands of refugees. Some are under sieged and bombed, as detailed below.

This is how the wounded are evacuated


As of December 19th, 1.3 million refugees have registered with UNRWA. 1.1 million of them find shelter in 97 UNRWA shelters in the Khan Yunis and Rafah districts (southern Strip), their occupancy 9 times their maximum capacity.

Main events

In the northern part of the Strip:

‣ Al Jabalia refugee camp – aerial bombing killed 45 persons. Another, later bombing killed 9. Hospital in Jabalia is under siege, 250 staff members and their families trapped inside. 2 killed last night.

Jabalia. 45 persons killed

‣ Al Tufah and Sajaia neighborhoods bombed in eastern Gaza City. Killed persons reported. Unclear number.

‣ Between December 9th and 10th, hundreds of men and boys have been arrested, stripped, shackled, questioned, mostly of them released.

In the central part of the Strip:

‣ Dayr Al Balah – bombing around the Al Aqsa Hospital

‣ Bombing of the Al Nuseirat refugee camp

‣ Bombing of Al Magazi refugee camp – 22 persons killed

‣ Bombing of Al Zwaida village

In the southern part of the Strip:

‣ Massive bombings in Khan Yunis, among them of Al Amal Hospital. At least 14 persons killed.

Khan Yunis. She holds the shoes of her husband whom she married only 6 months ago, killed in the bombing


Sunday, December 10 - the West Bank


About 44 persons arrested.


1. Al Askar, east of Nablus – night raid. Confrontations. 2 persons wounded, among them a minor wounded by live fire.

2. Asira Al Shamaliya, north of Nablus - raid and confrontations. 21-years-old man wounded by live fire.

3. Surif, north-west of Hebron – raid and confrontations. 2 persons wounded by live fire. Condition moderate.

4. Tubas – raid lasting 3 hours. 12 arrestees. House was surrounded, shoulder missile fired at it. Much damage to houses and infrastructures after searches.

After the raid in Tubas

5. Al Daharia, south of Hebron – raid and arrests. One person wounded by live fire.

6. Nablus – shooting from the army post on Gerizim Mountain towards the Khalat Al Amud neighborhood. One person wounded by shrapnel, damage to houses.

7. Rantis, west of Ramallah – raid and confrontations. No casualties reported.

Colonist attacks

1. Awarta, south of Nablus – villagers not allowed to harvest their olives. Colonists and their children, escorted by soldiers, harvested the Palestinians’ trees, stole the crop and cut down trees.

2. Qusra, south-east of Nablus – colonists, probably from Esh Kodesh outpost, stole sheep.

3. Teqoa, south-east of Bethlehem – colonists uprooted 15 olive trees and damaged water infrastructure.


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