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The Apartheid Justice System in action

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Masked men came down from the settlement "Maon Farm" to the land owned by Hafez Huraini who was cultivating his land at that time. One settler was armed with an iron rod, another with a baton, a soldier armed with a rifle and one more settler. The settlers attacked Hafez, who in self defense reaction, hit one of them with a shovel that he was holding in his hand and caused cracks in the attacker's skull.

Both of Hafez's arms were broken. An ambulance was called to the scene and the settlers puncture its tires. Hafez was arrested and after questioning was transferred to Ofer prison on charges of attempted murder.

The Israeli media channels quickly published a fake news saying that twenty Palestinians attacked the residents of the farm. Fortunately, an activist volunteer was there with Hafez at the time, documenting the event. In the 23 minutes video it is clearly seen who are the attackers and who was attacked. After a week in prison, Hafez was released on bail of 10,000 NIS and a restraining order.

The night after the incident, the occupation forces arrived at the village of A-Tuwani where Hafez lives. All night long they fired stun grenades, tear gas and more all over the place. Men were taken out of their houses and summoned to a meeting with an ISA (Israeli Security Agency) agent who threatened: the army will "hit the village with an iron hand". He also warned not to invite Israeli left-wing activists and field researchers of B'tselem to the village, because they "are the source of the problems".

When there is no evidence of what really happens, blaming the Palestinians can be kept on easily.

The abusing military activity in the village lasted several nights and included classes for the soldiers in the middle of the night in one of the houses' yards. Non of the attackers were arrested.

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