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Testimony of Farming Demolitions at Jabal Johar – May 24, 2023

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Today Israeli bulldozers demolished a cucumber greenhouse, a vineyard and a terrace at Jabal Johar, south of Kiryat Arba colony (near Hebron).

The family who owns the land and grows the cucumbers stood and watched the demolition.

When the soldiers left, the family members entered the destroyed area in order to salvage cucumbers that had not been trampled by the tractor wheels and shuffles. They collected whatever they could salvage.

Palestinians in Area C (most of the West Bank) cannot, are prevented from legally building or erecting any kind of structure or shelter. Not a house, not a tent, not a greenhouse. They are denied planting their own ground. They are not even allowed to place a plastic water tank there.

Optimists who still file applications requesting construction permits are refused almost automatically.

“Let them build legally”, claim the demagogues. For Palestinians this is not an option. Stories of right-wing associations and racist politicians about “Palestinian takeover of Area C” and “Palestinian construction violations” are a smokescreen. Such opposition to “illegal Palestinian construction” is like denying Palestinians the right to shelter, to livelihood, to food and water.

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