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Tamim Abu Khait Eeach one has his own Nakba!

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Naqba means disaster in Arabic. It refers to the disaster of the deportation of 700,000 Palestinians from their homes in 1948. On 15.5.22 it was Nakba Day.

Eech one has his own Nakba!

My mother cried at the entrance to the house after my brother came from Sheikh Moanes, where my aunt got married and lived, and said, 'Aunt left the house and went east, and soldiers took over the house.' Going east, referring to Qalqilya or one of the nearby villages. So, my second aunt also went east in the first hours of the morning with her husband and their baby. 'We will return when the war is over,' said my aunt's husband. But they did not return.

My father refused to leave the house. The soldiers did not invade our village, but there were battles around it, one of the village leaders told the residents then: "Go for two or three weeks to Tulkarm until the situation calms down and then you will return". My uncle took his wife, son and daughter and walked east so that the donkey would not delay them. Our neighbor, Abu Mahmoud, also went out with his wife who was carrying their baby, and after they had come a relatively long way, they realized that the woman was carrying a pillow, and not the baby! She went back to pick up her daughter but when she came back to meet her husband, soldiers blocked her way, so she stayed here with the baby while her husband stayed in Jordan.

Each one has his own Nakba

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