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Settlers' organization plans.

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Settlers' organization plans to establish 10 illegal outposts in the occupied territories on 20.7.22. As part of the preparations for the coming event, a preparatory tour of young people took place near the city of Ariel on 21 June in Iskaka village (Salfit).

A clash erupted between Palestinians and the settlers who were setting up tents to take over Palestinian-owned land near the Israeli settlement of Ariel, during which a settler stabbed and killed young man Ali Hassan Harb in his chest. Israeli forces prevented Palestinians from providing medical aid or approaching the victim for about thirty minutes. The Israeli Police launched an investigation and arrested a suspect the following day.

Israeli left wing organisations including "looking the occupation" are trying to prevent the stellars plan.If it will happen we'll be there to prevent the possibility of establishing more illegal violent outposts that expropriate Palestinians from their lands.

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