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September Activity

During the month of September, the activists of Looking the occupation in the eye continued activities inside Israel and in the occupied territories:

Every week, on Thursday, we camped at the Sharona Complex in Tel Aviv, stood with placards and engaged in conversations with passers-by, bringing oppression and denial of human rights in the occupied territories to the public's attention, along with the facts that the mainstream media ignores.

Every week, on Friday, there was the regular morning silent protest at the Za’atra junction (AKA Tapuach), in support of the Palestinians in the near by Town of Hawara. In the afternoon, activists joined the regular Friday protest against deportation of Palestinian families from their homes at the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem, and also at the Masafer Yatta area, in South Hebron mountains.

Every week, on Saturday, activists traveled in the morning to Kaboon, a shepherds’ community east of Mughayir (Ramallah) to help secure hauling water tanks from violent attacks by illegal settlers on the way to the water pits located in the grazing lands. And in the afternoon hours, activists stood on highways bridges with banners and placards to remind the travelers in the vehicles below of the occupation.

In light of increased illegal settlers’ violence against the shepherds’ communities in the Jordan Valley, activists joined the local Palestinians in protests at the Jordan Valley main traffic junctions and in front of military bases in the area.

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