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Our heroes

Updated: Jan 2

They don’t get bored. The soldiers who were not fortunate enough to be sent to Gaza, to kill and get killed. Or are they? Bored?

Perhaps it is only boredom that makes our children reach the bottom rung of humanity. Here they are, doing their best to break the racist routine. They invade a convenience store at the service station of Al Fawar refugee camp, south of Hebron. Here they are, forcing the Palestinian who works there to lie on the floor. Here they are – kicking his legs and arms in order to spread them out. Here they are, raising their middle finger to the camera. Here they are, using his body as a stepper for their army boots, here they are – cocking their gun as they sit on his chair, watching him with contempt, terrifying him, conducting a perfectionist humiliation rite.

Yes, this is what Israeli soldiers did last night south of Hebron, to amuse themselves.

Would anything in their mind stir when they realize that their attention missed the camera documenting their degenerate minds? Probably not. Actually, quite the opposite. They will be glad to show the guys the video. Putrid Israeli pride.

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