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Iftar in Sheikh Jarrah.

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

On Wednesday last week, the closing meal of the Ramadan (Iftar) fast was held in Sheikh Jarrah. The residents of the neighborhood invited the activists to a festive meal on Passover.

For 12 years, a demonstration of support has been held every Friday for the residents of the neighborhood who are candidates for deportation from their homes. In the last year the number of supporters has increased. In times of greater difficulty the activists come to support on a daily basis to.The residents of the neighborhood decided to thank the activists. 200 people participated in a meal that was very exciting. The atmosphere was pleasant, unifying and heart-opening. All the participants were excited and full of gratitude for the opportunity to attend such an evening.

At the end of the evening, when most of the guests had left, right-wing criminals arrived and sprayed pepper spray on the face of one of the Palestinians in need of medical treatment. Police arrived and ordered the residents of the neighborhood to enter their homes. One of the girls from the neighborhood was detained by police as she tried to reach her home. None of the rioters were arrested.

There are those who cannot bear the cooperation and brotherhood between Palestinians and Israelis.

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