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Guy Ben Hinnom.

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Guy Ben Hinnom is a wonderful valley located between the Silwan and Abu Tor neighborhoods of Jerusalem. There are lands in the valley owned by Palestinian residents

from both neighborhoods .

About three years ago, the far-right organization "Elad" took over a house at the end of the valley and turned it into a place for events and performances. Without explaining to the artists and the audience the location of the place. When some of the artists realized that the place is located on Palestinian land , they canceled their show on the spot.

In the past month, the Jerusalem Municipality, together with the "Elad" Association and the Nature and Parks Authority, has been promoting the establishment of a park on the plunder lands there.

Some of the lands are owned by Shadi Somrin, who is currently waging a court battle over his and other residents' land robbing .

As part of the works, an ancient agricultural terrace

intended for preservation was demolished .

A few weeks ago, students were brought to gardening work on site, as part of their personal commitment hours at school .

About two weeks ago, a group of about 60 soldiers came to plant trees there. The soldiers had to commit two offenses: 1. To plant trees on land stolen from its owners. 2. Perform planting in a Shmita year where tillage is prohibited for Jewish people.

The landowners arrived at the scene and prevented the operation .

Official authorities of the State of Israel are breaking the law and misleading students and soldiers in order to take over land.

The occupation is corrupting.

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