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Growing up under occupation

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

In the recent weeks, the Israeli military has intensified violence against minors in the occupied territories:

  • Multiple arrests of children and teens.

  • Chasing after children.

  • Entering schools and arresting minors from their classrooms.

  • Firing tear gas inside schools for no apparent reason.

  • Delaying children and teachers on their way to school.

  • Plans to destroy schools


students were detained on the way to school in Masafer Yatta due to military training. Small children are sitting on the ground and a tank is blocking their way


Israeli occupation forces terrify Palestinian school children after raiding the village Aboud in the west of occupied Ramallah and firing tear gas canisters toward its residents.


Khaled Al Rashid school in A Tor ,West Jerusalem, was soaked with skunk water from water cannon vehicle. The next day, classes were cancelled.


Clashes broke out between young people and the occupation forces in the vicinity of the Aida refugee camp, during which an 8-year-old boy was hit in the head by a rubber bullet and was taken for treatment.

In Tor, the twin sisters were arrested Lin and Talin Abu Gamaa.


Soldiers entered Al Hajira school in Hebron. The school teachers tried to block them, without success. Two boys were taken out of class for detention.


The testimony of Rayan's father Suleiman, of how his 7-year old son apparently fell from the upper floor of the house, following the Israeli occupation soldiers hounding of his brothers (10, 12).

The soldiers suspected the brothers of throwing stones earlier, and threatened that they would come back to arrest them in the night. The moment Rayan heard this, he seemed to panic and disappeared to the back entrance, after which a neighbor told the father that his son had fallen - he was dead. According to the father another soldier was at the back, going between neighbors to question them.

Soldiers invaded the school in Hawara, the school principal and a student were injured.

During the month of September, the occupation forces prevented studying in the schools in the area of Masafer Yatta south of Mount Hebron.

The villages are candidates for deportation and since the beginning of the school year, the teachers' cars have been confiscated so that they have difficulty getting to teach. Teachers and students were delayed for hours on their way to school. One of the students fainted while waiting in the intense heat.

According to UN figures, 44 schools in the West Bank are at risk of demolition. These schools serve a total of about 4,800 students.

This is a partial report of all the events. Attached is a report by the United Nations on the conduct of the occupation towards children in the first half of 2022.

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