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Freedom Camp Masafar Yata.

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

On Thursday 28.4.22 we participated in the end meal of the Ramadan fast (Eifter) Which was established in Somud, the freedom camp in Sarura,at the southern Hebron Mountains in the area of ​​Masafar Yatta. The freedom camp was set up by young Palestinians with the aim of returning the villagers to their land after they were expelled from it. The camp was established in 2017 and evacuated several times by the military forces. About 100 activists were invited to a meal outside the cave where the young people of the village live. After the meal,the film "srura the future is an unknown place" was shown, parts of which the young people filmed about their actions under minimum conditions. They do everything they can to help the residents to preserve the village lands that have been stolen, to accompany children on their way to school to prevent harassment by settlers, to open access roads to villages that the army is destroying. The film shows the lives of some of the activists from the time they were children until today. The whole evening was exciting and hopeful. Unfortunately a week later, under the auspices of the transition from Remembrance Day to Independence Day, the High Court of Justice ruled the evacuation of villages in Masafar Yatta on the grounds that they were located in a fire zone. The villages, in some of which people live in caves, existed years before the occupation. The fire area was declared to evict people from their homes and take over their lands and not for security purposes. In the same area the outposts Abigail, Maon , Mezudat Yehuda exist without interference. On the other hand, the residents of the outposts operate violently on Palestinian land on a daily basis without interruption. Israeli activists have come in recent weeks on Fridays to march in support of the villagers who are about to be evacuated. Here, too, the occupation army prevented the activists from reaching the villages, but allowed the settlers to act violently and throw stones at the activists. From the day the verdict was handed down, the occupation forces began destroying buildings, sheepfolds and more. Children returned home from school and found only ruins . The struggle continues, the violence against the residents of the southern Hebron Mountains continues. The possibility of stopping the evil of the decree depends also on international pressure- not to allow the deportation, the cancellation of the declaration of the area as a fire zone. Please help these people live peacefully on their land.

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