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Fire in the olive trees

The olive harvest season will soon begin. The vandalizing Palestinians' olive trees season that precedes it has already begun. The settlers return to their regular arduous work in olive groves that are not theirs.

Yesterday, ancient trees were set on fire in Tel Rumeida, Hebron. The saboteurs were thorough, making sure to set fire to the heart of the trees so as to make sure there is no life left in them. At the same time, they also vandalized trees in young groves throughout the West Bank, breaking and toppling every tree that had already begun to thrive.

An olive tree is akin to a person, said poet Nathan Zach. People who kill olive trees are people with damaged souls. They are missing something most precious - humanity.

When I see an olive tree on fire, I see a human on fire. How awful is the notion that my tax money pays for the evils of those who have damaged souls on the verge of olive harvest season.

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