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Best wishes in uniform

What do the soldiers say at the intersection? What do they say to Israelis demonstrating against the occupation? What do Defense Forces soldiers have to say to civilians who stand in solidarity with the Palestinians? What do they have to say to those who are dedicated to Life and Peace?

A peaceful demonstration takes place every Friday at the Za'atara (named 'Tapuah' by the occupiers) junction, south of Huwara, on Route 60. The signs and T-shirts read "Palestinian Lives Matter" in English and Arabic. The signs also say, "Occupation Kills," "Occupation corrupts," and "Democracy and Occupation Cannot Coexist." It is all true and correct and with good intentions. In the name of these truths, Israeli citizens stand there in silent protest every Friday from ten thirty to eleven thirty. Just one hour of truth-telling for the sake of a future that is better than the present. 

They give up their morning of rest, a chance to sleep in late or get together with friends for coffee. They endure the drive of more than 100 kilometers there and back, they withstand the brutal sun in summer or cold winds in winter - to tell the truth. Quietly and resolutely. They are extraordinary human beings who fight for virtues and humanism. Their language is direct and clear, and they endure filthy curses from settlers, get smiles from Palestinians, and indifference from soldiers. But today, the soldiers said something as they passed by the demonstrators. 

What did the soldiers, defenders (of Jews only,) say? This is what they said: "May you be gunned down." 

The soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces wish for the arrival of a Palestinian who will riddle with bullets these Jews who stand on Friday morning at a central junction in the occupied territories, with signs telling the truth: "Occupation kills."

Let it be clear: Jewish soldiers are hoping for Palestinians to do yet more dirty work in their place. This time, it is to kill Jews. Just like that, believe it or not. 

With thanks to beloved Roy Talmon and the handful of determined people who stood there today.

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