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Arrests and House Arrests of Minors in East Jerusalem

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

On December 13, 2022, mothers and family members of detained Palestinian minors from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood held a protest. Israel annexed the East Jerusalem neighborhoods and therefore Israeli law applies to them as well, but the conditions of Palestinian and Israeli minor detainees, on the other hand, differ. Jewish settlers in Sheikh Jarrah live in houses from which they expelled Palestinian families. These settlers join forces with young people from outside the neighborhood, to harm and harass the Palestinian residents. This Leeds to conflicts in the neighborhood, and in the end, the police arrests the Palestinian minors while the rioters who set the fire walk away unharmed. The worried mothers demonstrated in front of the court to protest the deprivation their children suffer.

By law it is mandatory to bring a minor over the age of fourteen before a judge within 24 hours, but if you are a Palestinian it changes to forty-eight hours. The Police do not inform Palestinian minors of their rights, and that a parent should be present during interrogations. During detention time and interrogation, use of violence is common, and many minors are released from detention bruised and injured. Minors under the age of fourteen are usually released within twelve hours, but many of them are subject to violence during detention too.

Often, minors are arrested during the night with unknown or minor suspicions. The soldiers invade their homes and pull them out from their bed. frequently, they are released without prosecution after a violent and disproportionate detention.

After being brought before a judge, many of the minors are being held under house arrest, which can last several months. The minors cannot attend school and the detention affects the entire family: the family's means of support wear down due to the need to stay at home with the minor, and the mental state of the minor deteriorates, and with him the rest of the family members.

In 2022, six hundred minors from East Jerusalem were held under house arrest. The State of Israel violates Israeli and international laws to have the families lose hope and leave the city. Ethnic cleansing for the Judaization of Jerusalem.

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