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April in numbers

20 journalist were killed by Israeli forces from the beginning of 2001 till 2023. 18 of them were Palestinians and 2 foreigners.

April, partial numbers about harming minors: April 4 - Omar Ahmed Abu Janam. 14 years old. Aiham Sufyan al-Hadra. 13 years old. Muhammad Ra'ad Abu Al-Hawa. 14 years old. Ahmed Omar Abu Gyomaa. 14 years old. Musa al-Mahtasab. 13 years old. Residents of the Mount of Olives, were arrested. Accusation: throwing stones. April 27 - Amr Haassi, a 16-year-old resident of Qarwat Bani Hassan, was attacked by soldiers and lost his eye. April 29 - Mustafaa Amer Sabah. 15 years old. A resident of Khirbet a Tuku, southeast of Bethlehem, was killed.

From the beginning of the year till the beginning May : 110 Palestinians were killed 20 of them minors. 3200 Palestinians were injured.

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