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January 26, 2023

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Abdullah Marwan Al-Ghoul عبدالله مروان الغول

17 years-old, from Jenin Refugee Camp.

Design: Lahav Halevy

Wasim Amjad Aref ِAl-Ja’as وسيم امجد الجعاس

16 years-old, from Jenin Refugee Camp.

Design: Lahav Halevy

Two in one raid...

Thursday. At around 7 am, dozens of soldiers, Magav policemen and Shin Bet personnel, raid the 0.5 square kilometer known as the Jenin refugee camp. Some infiltrated the camp hiding in a refrigerated truck, all the way to the central square. The rest in reinforcements later on. Snipers were positioned in the upper floors of private homes, and shot at armed Palestinians and young men who were throwing stones.

They shot Wasim, immediately after, while he was lying bleeding, a military vehicle returned and ran him over. Did not stop. Went on. An eye witness said: "I saw a young man lying on his back. The face and chest were completely disfigured with jeep tire marks. He was hit in the head. I ran to him, held his hand. I felt he was already dead."

They also shot Abdallah Mousa, who was standing nearby. He was found wounded, with an improvised explosive device by his side (apparently he intended to use it). He was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after.

Ten people were killed in the camp that day. Five were armed. Twenty gunshot wounds of varying severity.


Information source: B'Tselem.

Posters design: Lahav Halevy.

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