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February 12, 2023

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Qussai Radwan Waked قصي رضوان وأكد

14 years-old, from Jenin Refugee Camp.

Design: Lahav Halevy

There are stories with a lot of information. Someone interviewed the family, or someone documented the life that just ended. And there are stories like Qussai's, whose events that led to his death are what is found on the social media, and it's frustrating.

He was 14 years old, eighth grade, a resident of the village of Araqah, west of Jenin. This is what I could find about his life, and the rest are speculations. A 14-year-old boy... Jenin camp, 0.5 square kilometers and 23,500 inhabitants. A lot of rage, a lot of grief, a lot of destruction.

On February 12, at 1:00 pm, military forces raid the camp to arrest a person of interest. This routine has a fixed pattern: special forces, snipers, reinforcements, clashes, injuries, death, destruction, withdrawal. This time the person of interst was Jibril Zubeidi, the brother of Zakaria Zubeidi.

Qussai stood about 30 meters behind three armed men. He was not armed. A sniper, positioned about 350 meters away, shot and hit the right side of his stomach. Center of mass. Paramedics carried him to an ambulance located far away. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

On the same day, three more were hit in the abdomen. Their situation was difficult. Muslims usually bury the dead immediately after the death is pronounced. This time the funeral was delayed. His father, who returned from his place of work in the Green Line territories, was detained at a checkpoint near Qalqilya and interrogated. Hours later he was released to bury his son.

Qussai was the tenth minor killed since the beginning of 2023.


Source: DCI-P, Wafa agency, Al Watan network.

Poster design: Lahav Halevy.

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